About Us

PAGE MEDICAL SERVICES AND RESEARCH was incorporated under the laws of Ghana with registration number CS562242015 to undertake medical, laboratory and research services. It was established with the objective to provide medically appropriate and cost-effective delivery of health care services to individuals and corporate institutions. The quest of individuals and employers (companies) to trim healthcare costs and better access quality healthcare coverage or completely revise health benefit plans called for the development of collaboration between PAGE MEDICAL SERVICE and both the general public and corporate entities. A case in point is the PAGE CORPORATE MEDICAL SERVICE strategy, known as the Provider-Employer Relationship Strategy (PERS), As large employers face pressures to trim healthcare costs, better manage employees' health coverage or completely revise health benefit plans do not only appear to bridge the gap between employers-employee’s expectations, but also make companies very positive in its operations.



To deliver quality and standard health and medical services to corporate and other institutions as a way of ensuring healthy and motivated staff and job environment, increased individual and aggregate organizational output and productivity and reduced economic costs of health services to our clients. The implementation of these will be based on high levels of transparency, diligence, efficiency, flexibility result-orientation and timeliness.
To be the premier corporate health care provider of high-quality, cost-effective services in order to improve the health status of employees for consistent productivity. In providing these services, we strive to operate at the highest level of personal and business integrity with genuine and confidential results.